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Na Villa Montês Guesthouse dedicamo-nos todos os dias ao serviço de nossos hóspedes, com o melhor das nossas habilidades. We are in the enchanted village of Côja to offer you a unique experience. Book a spacious and cozy apartment, plan an adventure, or participate in themed events. Count with us to provide you the best experience in the interior of Portugal.

Villa Montês Apartments

Our Apartments

Villa Montês Guesthouse is the result of the rehabilitation of two houses converted into 5 apartments Côja, in the Beira da Serra region, also known as the Gates of Serra do Açor, 30 mins from the Piódão and 45 mins from the Serra da Estrela. Here you will have all the amenities for a unique and comfortable stay in an area with tradition, cuisine, and unique places to see.

Eventos & Atividades


Villa Montês Guesthouse

Services & Amenities

The luxurious atmosphere, the comfort, the thoughtful details and our personalized service, sets us apart from any other accommodation, allowing you to feel at home as soon as you enter our facilities.

Swimming Pool

Enjoy the pool and the sun while enjoying the good times of your stay in our guesthouse

Private Parking
Villa Montês

For the convenience and safety of our guests, we have private parking in a closed condominium.

Breakfast and Snack

We have breakfast service available in the room or snacks to take with you on your adventures.


All apartments have SMART TV and free Internet access

Garden and Vegetable Garden

Take the opportunity to pick a piece of fruit from our trees or use a lettuce from our vegetable garden without having to leave the guesthouse

Leisure activities
Villa Montês

We have partnerships with several local tourist entertainment companies. Talk to us to find out what activities are available.

Villa Montês

Transfers to and from Villa Montes, from the main bus, train or airport stops.

Private Kitchen

Our apartments have a kitchen equipped with everything you need to make you feel at home.

Villa Montês

At Villa Montes we often organize or participate in events. Stay tuned to our social networks or the news on our website

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