Praias Fluviais Arganil Coja

River beaches around Côja

The river beaches are one of the greatest assets of this area. It is impossible to remain indifferent to them, they are unique places that exist along the course of the River Alva, one of the purest and most crystalline rivers in Portugal.

Along its entire course, the river Alva is distinguished by the various dams, the stunning surrounding nature and the huge percentage of natural schist rocks in these areas.

Vila de Coja

You can visit several of these river beaches, but some of them stand out for several reasons: in Pomares, you can enjoy the award-winning beach with the “Accessible Beach and considered “Beach for All” flag, for the 12th time; the river beach of Cascalheira, holder of the “Blue Flag”, for the 4th consecutive year; at the Piódão, there is also a river beach “Bandeira Azul”, for four years, and still holds the “Accessible Beach, Beach for All” flag; in Coja, you can enjoy the river beach of Caneiro de Coja, also distinguished with the symbol of quality, “Blue Flag” and “Accessible Beach Flag”; the river beach of Benfeita, was also distinguished with the “Accessible Beach, Beach for All” flag.

The river beach of Coja is a 10-minute walk or 2-minute drive from Villa Montês Guesthouse.  

In addition to the award-winning river beaches, there are others that you will definitely want to visit, such as the River Beaches of Foz d’Égua, Urtigal, Avô, Loriga, Poço da Cesta, Pujadouro or Broca, among others.

Talk with us to guide you through the most beautiful river beaches and bathing areas in Portugal!

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