Fraga da Pena paradise

Fraga da Pena

Fraga da Pena is more than a privileged space to meet nature, if not one of the ex-libris of Serra do Açor.

Inserted in the Protected Landscape of Serra do Açor (PPSA), is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Portugal. The gap in the main waterfall of Fraga reaches 20 meters and is surrounded by abundant vegetation, of great interest, which gives it a paradisiacal, authentic and refreshing air.

We move forward and quickly forget about civilization. We are (we think…) in communion with Nature, before the end of the road, we are surprised by an immense shale cliff, where a waterfall of clear water flows, precipitating into a charming natural pool. (Revista Visão).

It is an ideal place for leisure activities, such as contemplating the landscape on one of the shale banks, reading a book to the sound of the waterfalls, bathing in the cold and crystalline waters, in the succession of several natural pools, exploring its surroundings or simply have a picnic.

Enjoy this one of the best places to contemplate nature in its purest state.

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