Coja Village

Some say that in Coja everything is good, if not everything, it is almost everything. We have good air, good water, good food, good people and good landscapes. Poetically speaking, there's not much more you can ask for.

Village history

It is one of the oldest villages in Portugal, with a past full of stories and experiences, where some traces of the Arab and Roman occupations are still visible, people who settled in the area in search of metals, such as lead and alluvial gold. . Its history and existence dates back to times before its official recognition.

Approximately a century after the independence and birth of Portugal, Coja, obtained its first charter on September 12, 1260, attributed by D. Egas Fafes, bishop of Coimbra, which was renewed by D. Manuel I, when the charters were reformed. .

Due to its vast history, surroundings and community, experiencing this village will certainly be a unique experience!

The gateway to Serra do Açor

The village is known as “A Princesa do Alva”, perhaps because it is located on both banks of the River Alva and because of the duality that exists between water and the village. In addition, it is also known as the gateway to the magnificent Serra do Açor, the largest schist mountain in the country, where the enchanted places of Margaraça Forest and Fraga da Pena, the historic village of Piódão, the schist villages and other hidden treasures waiting to be found.

If you're still not convinced, check out the photos below:

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